If you want to do well for the examinations, not only do you need to put in effort to learn. You need to know the syllabuses and exam formats well.
-- Emily Wong 

When you are preparing for an exam, I would recommend that you have the syllabus with you, and familiarize yourself with them. Make sure you know what is tested before your exams!

For Singapore candidates, the syllabuses can be found at
I would also recommend that you download the syllabus for the other subjects that you are sitting for. The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board has a whole list of syllabuses for all levels, i.e. PSLEN(T) levelN(A) levelO level and A level, all available for you to download.

As a number of my readers are from the West, you may find the IGCSE syllabus relevant. Here is a link to the IGCSE Mathematics syllabus. I particularly like this website, as there are many exam papers (with answers) that you can download for free.

The first step to doing well for the examinations, is to know what is tested.

The resources in this blog are for you to be more prepared for the examinations!

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